Choose Boring Technology →

Dan McKinley: The problem with “best tool for the job” thinking is that it takes a myopic view of the words “best” and “job.” Your job is keeping the company in business, god damn it. And the “best” tool is the one that occupies the “least worst” position for as many of your problems as […]

Leadership is a Privilege

You shouldn’t be leading if: You see it as a right. You think people should be grateful. You think of it as a burden. You think you are owed. You expect to be recognized. Leading is not for everyone and that’s fine. Not everyone should be leading, specially if the only reason to do it […]

eBooks are being held back

Howard Oakley: […] few eBooks offer any advantage in use over their physical equivalents. eBook readers are still incredibly primitive, and won’t even let you refer to two or more sections of the book at the same time. You can’t photocopy them, copy quotations, or do anything remotely advantageous. What should have been a liberation […]

Wi-Fi 6’s Claims Are Real

In tech it’s hard to discern marketing buzz from factual data. After struggling for months to get a reliable Wi-Fi performance at home thorough the use of different equipment, software optimization, setting tweaking, etc all problems went away with a single device: Amplifi Alien with support for Wi-Fi 6. Here’s a good review of the […]

Your Deadline Will Be Affected

Cleanup takes time. No matter if it is refactoring, fixing bugs, updating supporting libraries, adding the proper documentation, or test coverage to your code. There is no way around this. It will affect your deadlines today, or sometime down the road. The difference is that today, it’s your choice to make. Thinking that you get […]

Roadblocks vs. Speed bumps →

Rob Walling: As a founder you can choose to look at an obstacle as something that keeps you from moving forward (a roadblock), or as something that slows you down for a minute as you continue along your path (a speed bump). […] Roadblocks put stress on your mind. Stress on your body. Stress on […]

Cambridge spin-out starts producing graphene at commercial scale →

Paragraf is producing graphene ‘wafers’ and graphene-based electronic devices, which could be used in transistors, where graphene-based chips could deliver speeds more than ten times faster than silicon chips; and in chemical and electrical sensors, where graphene could increase sensitivity by a factor of more than 30. The company’s first device will be available in […]

Time to change all those .dev local environments

Web developers typically use the .dev extension as a TDL for local development environments. Thus when developing a web app, instead of needing to use “localhost” with a specific port, they’d set up the host files to recognize as the domain for easier testing. That has worked fine until now, since Google just released […]

NetNewsWire Almost Ready to Ship →

Brent Simmons: There are three big things that remain before the first feature-complete build (which will be 5.0a1): searching, the app icon, and syncing with FeedBin. NetNewsWire got me hooked on RSS over 12 years ago. Now it’s open source and rewritem from scratch in Swift. I have been using the alphas for a while […]