Leadership is a Privilege

You shouldn’t be leading if:

  • You see it as a right.
  • You think people should be grateful.
  • You think of it as a burden.
  • You think you are owed.
  • You expect to be recognized.

Leading is not for everyone, and that’s fine. Not everyone should be leading, especially if they only want to advance their careers. I believe that leading is a vocation parallel to being an individual contributor. It doesn’t make one role “better” or “worse.” They are just different and equally important. Hence I believe that just because you choose a leadership role shouldn’t mean you are to be paid more than an individual contributor.

Leadership and individual contributors’ roles need to be financially comparable. They should be based on the impact on the overall team and company and not because of the role.

When leading, I am grateful for those that grant me the privilege to lead them. I know that that privilege can be withdrawn at any time. I’ve made more mistakes while leading than those listed above, but I strive to do my best to continue growing so that I can enable others to do the same.