IBM’s centenary: The test of time

IBM’s centenary: The test of time The Economist: But [Apple] has a powerful organising idea: take the latest technology, package it in a simple, elegant form and sell it at a premium price. I think Apple applies this principle very effectively, but completely disagree it charges a premium. iPhones, iPads and Macs compete on features […]

iCloud’s real purpose: kill Windows

iCloud’s real purpose: kill Windows Robert X. Cringely on iCloud: The incumbent platform today is Windows because it is in Windows machines that nearly all of our data and our ability to use that data have been trapped. But the Apple announcement changes all that. Suddenly the competition isn’t about platforms at all, but about […]

For this reason, soon Google Apps will only support modern browsers. Beginning August 1st, we’ll support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a new version is released, we’ll begin supporting the update and stop supporting the third-oldest version. Our plans to support […]

Wag of My Finger to Paul Allen

Wag of My Finger to Paul Allen After reading Freakonomics 2, my respect for Paul Allen and his team skyrocketed as they try to solve big problems like hurricanes, global warming and malaria(with mosquito killing laser beam-not a joke). But now, in my eyes, he’s just a plain old patent troll(like the one near his […]