Roadblocks vs. Speed bumps →

Rob Walling:

As a founder you can choose to look at an obstacle as something that keeps you from moving forward (a roadblock), or as something that slows you down for a minute as you continue along your path (a speed bump).


Roadblocks put stress on your mind. Stress on your body. Stress on your relationships. It’s no way to live, especially for folks who are building startups to improve our lives rather than re-arranging our lives around our companies.

This seems easy and obvious, but it’s not.

When you’re in the middle of a crisis it can feel overwhelming and almost impossible to surmount. I always try to keep my head down and keep working on the problem.

If working on a problem doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere, then walk away and do other things.

Let your mind do the thinking in the background. Once you are ready, you’ll come back to solve the issues wiser and stronger. A calm mind will take you further than you can imagine.